Advantages of your Tennis Scorer scoreboard

Advantages for the players

  • No more forgotten or disputed scores: the players post the scores when they change sides (2 seconds every 2 games).
  • The players free their minds and are able to concentrate completely on the game.
  • Having the score displayed on a board on the big day will increase players' motivation and their participation in the game.

Advantages for the spectators

  • The boards provide instant answers to the 3 questions most asked by the spectators: the name of the players or the clubs, their ranking and the score: which makes watching more fun.
  • They allow the spectators to immerse themselves in the action straight away, the state of play becomes clear immediately.
  • Thanks to the scoreboard, visitors quickly become spectators, and then supporters. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that supporters have the power to encourage the players, often spurring them on to excelling themselves.

Advantages for the clubs

  • For all the clubs, recognition/fame increases the quality of ones equipment: this product is clearly an additional asset for them.
  • Made from top of the range material, hardwearing, non-changing and always in a perfect condition, whatever the weather, the score boards add value and prestige to any tennis court.
  • First class advertising opportunity; the financing of a score board could (should) be undertaken by one of your sponsors. Better still, net profit is possible through the sale of the space during the first one or two seasons of use !
  • The advertisement panel on the board could conceivably be used to display the number of the court (through the use of adhesive figures).
  •      Finally, the score board is an excellent teaching aid for children learning about the games and sets scoring system used in tennis.

Advantages for the umpires

  • Simply reading the scoreboards allows the umpire to gain precious time during tournaments. In numerous clubs one is also able to see the scores for other courts at the same time.

Advantages for the sponsors

  • With the score boards, you can have your name or logo permanently showing on the tennis courts in your area or community. You are also positively contributing to the community's sporting life and its sport clubs, as well as giving a community spirited image to your company.
  • Prime location : the players especially, but also the spectators will memorise their brand because their attention will be continually focussed on the scoreboard in order to follow the match.
  • The rapport between Cost of an Advertisement / Its life expectancy is incomparable. In effect, the latter is unlimited.

Advantages of use

  • Easy to install and easy to use, the boards can stay outside indefinitely, without damage.  
  • Legible from a 50 metre distance.   
  • Automatic framing of the figures.  
  • Their compact, protected format guarantees their silence and their total immobility : even in strong winds, the players will be in no way distracted. (It is however necessary to attach them securely to the framework by using the fixtures provided.
  • RESTRICTIONS OF USE: long as it's not used as a target!

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