Why using sports scorekeeper Tennis Scorer?

Does Tennis Scorer take care of commercials?

NO, to do so you should contact a local manufacturer of adhesive, and making direct contact with your sponsor partner. The size of the advertising space on a large model is 120 x 24 cms, on a Compact Model 78 x 18 cms.

Who's displaying the score during the game ?

Players themselves, at each change of side, with two finger shots, put the score to date. It's that easy!

How is the score display?

Discs numbered from 0 to 7 are included with the scoreboard: Just rotate the disc with your finger from one window side to another to display the desired number.

How a scoreboard is delivered ?

Each scoreboard is delivered with:

  • Plastic ties (“Serflex") fixing the board to the court grid
  • A slate plate + 2 attachment screws (for the large model) or a set of slate plates + 4 attachment screws (for the compact model)
  • A VIRGIN advertising space.
  • 2 "VISITOR" and "CLUB" adhesives, already stuck.

"Visitor" and "Club" are they optional entries ?

NO, these two adhesives are bonded to each scoreboard so that the table is always ready to use for a team game. Only at an individual tournament, for example, the Club can display slate plates by hooking it to the screws provided for this purpose, so as the names and rankings of the two players are shown on the board.

Why is this "ideal" to have two slate plates with each scoreboard?

Having two slate plates (for the large model, or 2 sets of slate plates for the compact model), by scoreboard, allows, for individual tournaments, to prepare in advance the players' names and rankings for the coming game, to hand the plate pre-registered with their balls when the previous match ended, and thus to achieve and maintain, at all time, on every court, the players' name and ranking, and of course the score. At the end of the game, players bring back their balls and their plate to the Club ... and so on.

How to maintain scoreboards?

A sponge and/or a dry cloth, from time to time, is enough to keep it spotless!

What is the size of advertising spaces on the scoreboards?

For large Model : 120 x 24 cms For compact Model : 78 x 18 cm

Scoreboards can they remain permanently outside, hanging on the court grid?

Yes, they are made for that, thanks to a resistant material that can't decay, they can remain safely and without restriction no matter the weather, hanging on the court grid, all year long. The only restriction on use is ... not to target it!

How can we make fund scoreboards?

All clubs have "official" private or public partners. These can be highlighted all year long, on the tennis club courts by funding their scoreboards and occupying the advertising space provided at on each scoreboard through an adhesive. This can also be a merchant linked to the club (restaurant for lunch after a game, Café/Bar for the after match party, or a Baker, a Butcher for snacks...), which will certainly appreciate to be involved in local sports activity and logically having a possible return on investment.

Why TENNIS SCORER scoreboards are they excellent advertising tools?

For 3 simple reasons : 1. The first is that they are unique in the Court : There may be in fact several advertising boards around the court, but there is only one scoreboard ! 2. The second is that when you look at a tennis game, you set your eyes on the scoreboard on numerous occasions during the game : consequently, you memorize very easily the partner funder of the scoreboard ! 3. The lifetime of each board is very long (each one comes with a 5 year warranty). In some clubs these are present for over 10 years! The ratio amount invested/life time is very advantageous for the sponsor partner.

How far can you read the score?

Up to 50 meters is perfectly readable, that is to say, from all points around the court where spectators can be arranged: The numbers size (about 12cms high and above 1.5 cms thick) has been planned for that.

How to establish a board financing contract/partnership with a sponsor?

Tennis Scorer has a standard contract which is freely available to all its customers so that they can formalize their partner funder, the board availability with its advertising space dedicated to the sponsor's logos and colors.

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