Keep the Score with your Tennis Scorer

TENNIS SCORER existed since 2002, but the manuals scorekeepers were developed in the early 1990s and marketed by their creator in 1994. Some of the boards sold at this time are still operating on the tennis courts in our area!

Designed by a tennis fan who also was a club's member, they offer, from their origin, perfect answers for basic informations on the tennis courts:

  • Who plays?
  • What are the rankings of players?
  • and above all .... WHAT IS THE SCORE?

Aware of the financial issues of tennis clubs, the scoreboards have been designed with an ad placement. Thus, they can be financed by a partner of the club, which will have its logo displayed advantageously permanently . First class advertising opportunity, players and spectators raised their eyes repeatedly on the scoreboard, and memorize all the more easily the name of the Partner!

Finally, for obvious practical reasons, they are made of PVC, so they can stay outside on the courts, during all the year, anyway the weather, enabling the club and its leaders not to worry about: they are always ready for use and require no special handling, the players themselves operate the score at each change of side!

Used during a tournament, they can (they are the only ones to offer it) display for each game, the name and ranking of the 2 players, with added plaque coming positioned on the scorekeeper, on which, with chalk or better, with fest chak (optional accessory), we can write the desired informations. Ideally, it's better to have 2 plaques for one scorekeeper (optional accessory), so you can perform a turn : The players start to their match with their balls and their plaque and bring it all at the end of the match. Some clubs are used to this simple and light way of use, which add value to every actors of the tournament

Movie Tennis scorer


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